For Employers Hiring Foreign  Domestic Maids

Premier manpower agency providing domestic workers to embassies and the expatriate community in Singapore!

For the past 20 years, Prestige Management Services is one of the leading manpower agencies in Singapore providing domestic workers exclusively to the embassies and consulate within and outside Singapore.

We have earned a distinguished reputation for our professional service delivery and databank of choice domestic workers carefully selected for our clients, and an impeccable record for ethical business practices of our domestic worker applicants from the Philippines.

In 2005, Prestige was among the top ten companies short listed for the coveted Second International Employers Award organized by the Philippines Government, in recognition of Prestige’s sterling reputation in the Filipino community and excellent track record in securing employment, providing training and looking after the welfare of Filipino domestic workers working in Singapore and overseas.

Our clients:
• Expatriate Community in Singapore
• Embassies and Consulates
• Singapore based American and French Associations
• Executives of Banks and Corporations – ABN Amro Bank, American Express Bank,
Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Pharmaceutical Groups, Proctor
and Gamble, SO Corporation in Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank and Texas
Business Company

Our services:
• LabourNet Applications (for Domestic Workers)
• Application, Renewal and Cancellation of work permit
• Direct hiring or recruitment from the Philippines
• Home leave processing
• Passport renewal for Filipinos
• Competitive air tickets for domestic workers

Our Service Commitment:
• Meticulous screening and interviewing to meet clients’ requirements
• Structured Skills Training
• Orientation to local culture/customs
• Prompt arrival
• Professional coaching and counseling

Prestige Management Services was featured in Living in Singapore, An Expatriate’s Guide, published by The American Association of Singapore, 2000 and a guide by the French Association of Singapore, 2000.

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