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With the Singapore economy remaining competitive in recent years, more and more companies are expanding or being established. In turn, these companies need capable manpower to fill the new jobs that are being created. Should companies need a capable and experienced team to help them source for employment options, they should look no further than Prestige Management Services, a manpower agency with many years of experience in the industry.

Established in February 1989 by Ms. Connie Sim, Prestige is an international manpower agency based in Singapore, providing highly skilled workers from the Philippines and other countries to meet the manpower needs of their clients. Their clients include employers seeking manpower solutions, or clients who are looking to hire foreign domestic maids. Candidates are also invited to apply with Prestige, allowing the agency to link them up with companies and individuals, thus providing a partnership that will greatly benefit both parties.

By successfully linking up foreign professionals and workers with job opportunities in Singapore, Prestige's objective is to improve the economic status of such individuals who have the desire and preference for overseas opportunities. Committeed to professional service delivery and ethical business practices, Prestige's team is made up of highly qualified staff, dedicated to providing manpower solutions to meet the demands of their clients.

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