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For Employers, Clients and Principals:

Prestige Management Services provides highly qualified workers from the Philippines to meet the business needs of our clients. We are a full service manpower agency with more than 20 years of industry experience providing:
• Pre-screening
• Recruitment
• Training
• Overseas licensing preparation (for nurses)
• Immigration
• Travel arrangements of trained and selected Filipino workers

Our headquarters in Singapore and overseas branch office in the Philippines maintain an extensive databank of world class professionals, skilled and semi-skilled applicants for the following sectors:

Medical Industry:
Nurses | Midwives | Physical or Physio Therapists | Dental Technicians | Others

Construction Industry:
Architects | Civil Engineers | Draftsman | Others

Domestic Workers | Bakers | Caregivers | Hairdressers | Welders | Labourers |
Other skilled or semi-skilled workers

For prompt manpower solutions, call Prestige Management Services at (65) 6738 2100 or email enquiry@prestigemgmt.com.sg / prestigemanagementservices@gmail.com

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